Media Management in D8 and how to setup a Media Library

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In this session I will show you how to create a Media Library in D8 that allows you to create and reuse your media anywhere on your site, including the ability to access, embed, and create new media right from the WYSIWYG editor. All this and you won't write one line of code.

Not only will I save you hours of frustration figuring out which modules need to be installed and what configuration needs to take place in order to make it all happen, you will get an introduction to entities in D8, because entities are the magic behind a media library.

I set the skill level at intermediate but that is only because I will cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, but honestly this session is great for all levels, beginners will definitely be able to do this and advanced folks will definitely benefit if they haven't set up media in D8 yet.

If time allows I'll show you how to create an image or video gallery for your website.

Site Building
One hour