Managing images in large scale websites

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Because of the great technologies at our disposal such as great wifi and mobile connections, great computer equipment and the unbelievable support browsers provide, most websites make great use of images to make their presence more visually appealing and engaging. Large scale website take the use of images to a whole new level. Take these three examples: WWE, Visit The USA and something as simple as Habit for Humanity.

Properly managing images for performance and layout is key when building websites like the above. The requirements go beyond just making sure images work well on a responsive world, they require additional attention to ensure you have a good handle on managing the images after a project has gone live.

In this talk we will discuss how to properly manage images by discussing best practices for naming image styles and responsive image styles to ensure you get the most out of your images without driving yourself crazy. In addition, we will discuss how we can let the browser serve the best picture based on the user environment such as device size, screen resolution and even connection speed by leveraging the SRCSET and SIZES attributes.

Come and join us for a hands-on demonstration on how to do all of this in a Drupal 8 site using modules such as Breakpoints, Responsive Images, Focal Point and other Drupal 8 built-in tools.

Front End
One hour
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