Introducing Laravel!

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I know what you're thinking: what is Laravel and why I should I use it over Drupal?

Laravel is a web framework in the same vein as the Symfony framework. Which means you might be doing some more legwork to get up and running over Drupal. But it also simplifies a number of things that you don't have to worry about on the Drupal side of things. There is pretty much an official way of setting up your dev environment. You don't need to install a million modules just to have ecommerce. Things like testing, RESTful calls, routes, even database queries are simpler to understand and implement for your next million dollar app. Laravel is incredibly well documented and supported. Also, looking at Laravel has been the driving force to make me think about how to approach implementing my own entities in Drupal for cleaner, faster, more testable apps instead of making everything a node when I do use Drupal.

I will walk through what makes Laravel an elegant, fun, and exciting framework to make PHP applications that you'll be proud of. And you might also walk away thinking differently about how you approach development (both in and outside Drupal)!

One hour
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