Data Management Applications with Drupal 7 as Your Framework

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ET 204

Using the Drupal 7 content management system as a development platform lets you build data management applications quickly, while leveraging the functionality of Drupal core and thousands of contributed modules.

In this talk, I'll describe a code-based approach to building a data management application with Drupal 7 as the framework. This approach takes advantage of core Drupal features including roles, permissions, content access control, form validation and processing, and templating. The system is built as a collection of related Drupal modules, taking an aspect oriented programming approach. This allows building a generic framework that supports different features for different installations.

The system can be deployed rapidly using Drupal tools (drush make), so it is easy to update the system, or build a test environment to evaluate the capabilities of the system. The system can operate stand-alone, or with links to outside data sources.

Code and Development
One hour
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