Using Paragraphs and View Modes for more flexible components in Drupal 8

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One of the preferred methods for building Drupal websites lately is the Paragraphs module. A powerful module that allows you to build entities that can be accessed with entity references from content types, views, blocks and more. Using Paragraphs is a great way for pieces of functionality of a website that can later be combined with other functionality. This is ideal when developing using components.

View Modes have been around for a while and they provide a way to display content variations. We can have a full node view mode and a teaser view mode, each of them displaying content differently by individually selecting the fields we which to display for each view mode.

In this talk, we will use these two tools to build advanced, yet flexible components. We will create custom twig template suggestions for our paragraph types, which will allow us to easily integrate previously built and themed components.

Site Building
One hour


Thanks for leading this session. I don't see a date and time yet for it yet. If the time slot for this session is still being determined, I vote for Sunday since I'm very interested in this session and I will only be able to attend the camp on Sunday.

Thanks for your comment Tim. I don't think the schedule for the camp has been posted yet. However, I am pretty sure this will be on Saturday as I have a workshop to lead on Sunday. I am sure there will be a recording of the session though.
Hope to see you on Sunday.