How to have a great Drupal project experience

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ET 204

"I need you to help me build a website"

As a website developer, those are often the first words clients say to you.

No problem, you have your favorite CMS and can dig in ASAP.

Actually, the problem is that there are several critical components of a website project that need to be done before you're actually ready to start building.

Do you know what they are?

No matter what, you will end up doing them, these things are inescapable. It is simply a lot better and cheaper if you do them up front rather than in the end. Projects that miss them typically end up over-budget, with frustrated development teams, and unhappy clients.

In this talk, I'm going to be talking about the pre-Drupal legwork that needs to be done so you can have a smooth, pleasant, Drupal website building experience, and so your clients can have a great experience with Drupal as well. This talk is for all levels, for anybody involved in building a website, from the development perspective (developers, themers, writers, project managers, account managers, designers, strategists) or client side (project owners, marketing, website owners, business owners, etc.).

Business and Strategy
One hour