Fostering Diversity in the Professional Drupal Community

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A panel discussion about how to foster diversity and inclusion in the professional Drupal community. This is intended to be an honest conversation about where our industry is today, how it is doing well, how it can be doing better, the resources available, and the cultural or practical realities holding us back, as well as solutions for overcoming them. Diversity and inclusion refers to all levels of difference, including gender, race, physical ability, age, religion, etc.

Topics we will cover include:

  • The case for diversity and inclusion/why it matters.
  • An unpaid-emotional burden and how it can be mitigated.
  • Systemic ways organizations and individuals can make a difference.
  • Practical policies shops and organizations might implement/have implemented to move towards greater inclusion.
  • (if time) Advice for those who want to become advocates/where to start.
  • Open questions/discussion


  • Zakiya Khabir
  • Ashok Modi
  • Aimee Degnan
Business and Strategy
One hour


Thanks for a great panel at my first DrupalCamp! Here are the talks I had mentioned during the Q&A. My tech diversity advocacy in OpenSource & journalism (links lead to my non-profit's main website). Also, my response to the question about "what can we [white men] do to help?": Allies can
1) speak up when you see injustice so the advocacy burden is not always on marginalized people;
2) withhold your judgement about a marginalized person's testimonial/grievance if it is not your experience. Demonstrating respect for another person's experience is crucial for establishing inclusion.