Create a Drupal 8 Theme with Mediacurrent's Theme Generator

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ET 201

Creating a custom Drupal theme from scratch can be a confusing task. Nowadays front-end environments require a countless set of tools which can be overwhelming. Putting together those tools is not only time consuming but requires a level of experience most of us have no time to invest in. We at Mediacurrent have put together a great tool that automates the creation of a Drupal theme. We have identified the latest and best tools most themes need and we call it "Mediacurrent's Theme Generator".

We have researched, tested and done all the hard work so you can rest assured your theme will comply with today's standards and best practices. Compiling Sass and Javascript as well as using Autoprefixer or Browser sync can all be done with a single command. In addition, we have configured the use of KSS Node to be able to quickly create Components using Twig, which then can be integrated into Drupal.

In this session I will walk you through the process of setting up the generator, creating a new custom theme that includes all the tools used on today's front-end web development such as Gulp, KSS Node, Components, SMACCS, BEM and more.

If you'd like to follow along, please install the following tools:
- NodeJS
- Gulp

I will use a Mac OSX System but if you can find a way to set up the tools above in a Windows or Linux system you are welcome to follow along.

Front End
One hour